Revel in the intimacy of your very own private spa. Our therapists come to you and create a spa right there in the environment of your choice. They bring everything (table, linens, music, candles, etc.) to create the ultimate in relaxation and care. All of our sessions are designed to be FULL sessions. You can schedule a 60 mins or 90 mins session and expect to get just that! 

When your session is complete, we pack everything up and leave you to relax and enjoy the benefit of the massage you just received. It’s the ultimate in at home relaxation.


Want to incorporate The Blissful Womb into your personal care team? Then consider getting our packages. This is the perfect way to ensure that you receive massage throughout your pregnancy or during your post partum period. Its the ultimate in self care.

All packages are either 60 or 90 minute sessions, grant you VIP access to appointments, provide a discounted rate on your sessions and ensure you get massages as often as you need them. Each packages is valid for a trimester (3 months from the time of purchase) to ensure our moms have the care they need as their bodies transition. 


Gift cards are the perfect way to say I love you mama!  Whether you are buying them as a birthday or holiday gift, for a baby shower or sprinkle, or just getting a gift card for a new mom who needs some love and care,  our gift cards are the ultimate gift! 

Our instant e-cards can be personalized (you just pick the design that best fits your mom), allow you to select the session you want and can be sent directly to your special mama right away or printed off to be presented in person. Either way, we make giving the gift of massage personal and easy. 

*See our gift cards and policies page for more details.