Prenatal massage is a safe and effective way to reduce the discomforts of pregnancy! Headaches, muscle stiffness, backaches, fatigue and swelling are all common symptoms that occur during pregnancy and by incorporating prenatal massages during your pregnancy you can alleviate each of them! 

Prenatal massage reduces anxiety and depression, encourages blood circulation, increases hormones that promote feelings of joy and calm, improves sleep, and focuses on specific muscles to help alleviate the pain and discomfort that comes with your changing body!

We love to integrate different modalities to assist moms in feeling their best!   We address ailments as they arise from the beginning of your pregnancy and beyond. Unwind and relax while we help keep you and your baby healthy!


These services are designed specifically to address the physical and emotional transitions that expectant moms may experience as their pregnancies progress. Moms in every trimester can benefit from our Prenatal services. 


Prenatal massage is designed to ease the aches and pains often associated with pregnancy. By using this gentle and mild pressure technique and positioning pillows and cushions to enhance your comfort, we create a sense of nurturing and relaxation that allows you to have a greater connection with your body and your baby. 


 If you’re suffering from uncomfortable swelling in your hands, feet or legs, as long as pre-eclampsia is not a factor, MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) can be used to address water retention issues during pregnancy. This ultra-light rhythmical massage technique  can be incorporated from the second trimester until the moment of birth.


Our Labor Induction treatment is for those moms who are at or beyond the 40-week mark and are  looking for  natural approaches to help induce their labor. Our custom labor induction protocol uses acupressure to stimulate the uterus to begin the labor process without the use drugs or other medical techniques.

*Natural Labor Induction note– Every mother is different and their bodies will respond in differently.  Like anything in life there is no guarantee labor will begin immediately upon receiving the treatment.  Some women will respond immediately while others will experience the labor signs within 1 to 4 days; results may vary. So if you are looking to deliver prior to a medical induction date, schedule accordingly. 


Covid-19 has affected all of our lives in ways that none of us could’ve imagined.  At The Blissful Womb® our goal is to keep you and our therapists safe. With that in mind, we are taking measures to ensure that everyone comes out of their sessions healthy and feeling well.

We want to reassure you that we practice sanitary state board regulations on a daily basis, however, we are taking extra precautions at this time. 

We offer home massages, which limit your interaction with people outside of your house.

Having a massage at home means you won’t have to be in a waiting room, around other people.

Here’s What We Are Doing To  Keep  You Safe: 

  1. Wear a face mask that covers the nose and mouth while on duty.
  2.   Sanitize all equipment with a broad. spectrum cleaner upon arrival and between appointments.
  3.    Provide fresh, laundered bedding linens, as required by state board standards. We can also use our client’s own sheets if they prefer.
  4. Wash hands upon arrival, at the beginning and at the completion of  your massage.
  5. The Blissful Womb will apply contact tracing procedures in case of exposure.
  6. We have reduced our client schedule by 50% to ensure we reduce chances of exposure. 
  7. Temperature readings will be done at the door to you and our therapists to ensure both of you feel safe and secure.
  8. We will show you our safety check list so you can see our safety precautions in real time. 

At the time of scheduling your appointment you will be asked questions to ensure that you are don’t have symptoms of Covid-19. If you have been exposed to someone with Covid-19 or exhibit symptoms yourself, DO NOT SCHEDULE an appointment until you have been cleared by a physician to be around others safely.