Pre-Natal Massage

Pre-natal massage (or pregnancy massage) is designed to ease the aches and pains often associated with  pregnancy. By using this gentle and mild pressure technique , positioning, pillows and cushions to enhance your support, decrease pressure and increase relaxation for both body and mind we create a sense of nurturing and calm that allows you to have a greater connection with your body and your baby. 

Benefits of Pre-natal Massage May Include:

• Reduced neck, shoulder, back and joint pain. 
• Decreased sciatic and leg pain.
• Reduced muscle tension. 
• Reduced swelling / edema of the ankles, hands and feet.
• Improved  sleep and minimized fatigue.
• Released endorphins that improve mom’s state of well being and in turn reduce anxiety and stress.

This soothing and deeply nourishing massage was created to restore inner harmony, ease body tension and promote a peaceful and  balanced  state in mom.  It is truly a  realignment of body and spirit and invites harmony and restful ease.


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