Post Partum massage is a specialized massage that addresses the physical and hormonal challenges that arise after delivery. There are many benefits to receiving Post Partum massages ranging from alleviating the pain from sore muscles that are strained after birth, reducing swelling, encouraging the uterus to return to its normal position and size, assisting with Post Partum depression by regulating hormones flooding the body after birth, assisting with milk production and improving sleep.  

Post Partum massages are also extremely beneficial for moms who have experienced Cesarean sections. This massage will help mom recover faster by assisting in strengthening muscles and improving blood flow which ultimately helps her regain her health and vitality.  

You can begin Post Partum massage immediately upon returning from the hospital. Usually, within the first five days after delivery. However, Cesarean section moms will want to avoid abdominal massage for about four to six weeks or until their incisions have sufficiently healed. When mom is nurtured and revitalized, everyone benefits!


These services are designed specifically to aid in recovery and address the physical and emotional transitions that new moms may experience as they transition back to their “before baby” state.


Post Partum massage alleviates the pain of sore muscles that were strained during birth and from caring for an infant; especially during breast feeding. This specialized massage can assist in the repositioning of the uterus through strengthening and supporting the abdominal muscle. Ultimately, helping mom recover faster and allowing her to get back to her pre-pregnancy state.  


If you’re suffering from uncomfortable swelling in your feet or legs after delivery or if you have experienced a Cesarean section, Manual Lymphatic Drainage can assist in addressing water retention issues and in preventing excess fibrous scar tissue formation at the surgical site. This ultra-light rhythmical massage technique can be incorporated  immediately after birth for women who have vaginal births and for C-section moms with  incisions that have healed completely.


Scar tissue mobilization is perfect for moms who have had Cesarean sections and are looking to recover quickly with as few physical aliments as possible. We use cross fiber friction massage and non- invasive neuro-stem technology to aid in healing of Cesarean scar tissue. By breaking up adhesions we can create more movement and flexibility between the layers of muscle and surrounding tissue to increasing mobility of the uterus and reduce sensitive to the surrounding tissue.


Covid-19 has affected all of our lives in ways that none of us could’ve imagined. At The Blissful Womb® our goal is to keep you and our therapists safe.  With that in mind that we are taking measures to ensure that everyone comes out of their sessions healthy and feeling well.

We want to reassure you that we practice sanitary state board regulations on a daily basis, however, we are taking extra precautions during this time. 

We offer home massages, which limit your interaction with people outside of your house.

Having a massage at home means you won’t have to be in a waiting room, around other people.

Here’s What We Are Doing To  Keep  You Safe: 

  1. Wear a face mask that covers the nose and mouth while on duty.
  2. Sanitize all equipment with a broad spectrum cleaner upon arrival and between appointments.
  3. Provide fresh, laundered bedding linens, as required by state board standards. We can also use your own sheets if you prefer.
  4. Washing hands upon arrival, at the beginning and at the completion of massage.
  5. The Blissful Womb will apply contact tracing procedures in case of exposure.
  6. We have reduced our client schedule by 50% to ensure we reduce chances of exposure.
  7. Temperature readings will be done at the door to you and our therapists to ensure both of you feel safe and secure.
  8.  We will show you our safety check list so you can see our safety precautions in real time. 

At the time of scheduling your appointment you will be asked questions to ensure that you are don’t have symptoms of Covid-19.

 If you have been exposed to someone with Covid-19 or exhibit symptoms yourself, DO NOT SCHEDULE an appointment until you have been cleared by a physician to be around others safely.