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 At The Blissful Womb®  our goal is to keep you and our therapists safe. With that in mind, we are taking measures to ensure that everyone comes out of their sessions healthy and feeling well.If you have been exposed to someone with Covid-19 or exhibit symptoms yourself, DO NOT SCHEDULE an appointment until you have been cleared by a physician to be around others safely. 


All appointments are scheduled through our online calendar.  But in the event you or your pregnancy are considered high risk, we require a doctors note stating it is safe for you to receive our massage services prior to scheduling your appointment. 

Our goal is to ensure the safety of everyone involved so once your doctor or medical care provider has signed off on it, we are ready to go! 

High Risk Pregnancies Are Qualified As: 

  • Diabetic Mother
  • Cardiac Disorders
  • Chronic Hypertension
  • Previous Miscarriages
  • Mother under 20 and over 35
  • Asthmatic Mother
  • Suspected RH Negative Mother
  • Drug addiction or exposure to drugs
  • Previous Multiple Births (twins, triplets or quads) 

If you scheduled an appointment online prior to receiving a doctor’s note, your appointment will be post-poned until after approval is given and then you can schedule with your new prefer date and time. 

If you are not approved for prenatal massage, your session be deemed “postponed/ rescheduled”  and you can reschedule your appointment at your leisure with no issue after baby has arrived. 

 *Please Note: This applies to gift cards and/ or vouchers  as well.


All appointments are scheduled through our online calendar. 

If in the event you are unable to make your scheduled appointment,  we ask that you give us 24 hour notice prior to the appointment to cancel or reschedule. We are more than happy to accommodate if there is a need for adjustments.

If a 24 hour notice of the cancellation or rescheduling is not provided 100% of the cost of your session will be deemed forfeited. 

In the event of an actual NO SHOW, 100% of the cost of the session will be deemed forfeited.

If a gift card or voucher was used for your session, it will be considered forfeited and the value of the gift card/ voucher will be applied towards 100% the cost your session.



Special circumstances:

If you go into labor, have a medical emergency, are diagnosed with Covid-19, need to be hospitalized or give birth then of course there will be no application of this policy. 

If either of these situations does take place then your appointment will be deemed post-poned and will be available for you as a post partum session.

If post-poning is not an option, then your session will be refunded. 


When looking to book us for your next baby celebration or corporate event, an advanced non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total cost of services is required for reservation. The remaining balance will be due 7 days prior to your event.

We accept cash and all major credit cards. 

In the event you need to reschedule or cancel, we require a 10 day cancellation notice, as well as notification for any reduction in the number of services you have booked in writing.

A less than 10 day notice of cancellation or reduction of services booked, may result in potential loss of future event scheduling or minimized time frames for services to be provided .

All of our massage sessions, spa packages, and gift cards are non-transferable to other clients, and cannot be combined with other discounted offers.

Also, we do not offer cash refunds for our massage sessions, spa packages or gift cards, however we will honor an equal exchange (credit) for other services.

*Please note – this credit does not apply to the cancellation of services.


We take very seriously not only the safety of our clients but also our therapists and will do what we can to ensure that everyone is respected, protected and has an enjoyable experience.
In the event our therapists feel at any point before, during or after a session there may be a chance of verbal, emotional, sexual and/or physical abuse/assault they have the right to terminate the session.
If this should happen, the session will be ended immediately, considered forfeit and the full cost of the session will still be applied.