Our Natural Labor Induction treatment is for those moms who are at or beyond the 40-week mark and have babies that want to stay put. Due dates are, of course, just estimates but overdue or post term pregnancies can leave moms nervous and exhausted.

Many post-term pregnant women will look for alternative approaches to help induce labor if they want to avoid medical induction and one popular method is acupressure. Our custom labor induction protocol uses acupressure and massage to stimulate the uterus to begin the labor process without the use drugs or other medical techniques.

Benefits of Labor Induction may be:

• Stimulate labor without having to use drugs or other medical techniques.
• Acupressure may increase blood flow to the uterus.
• Influence hormonal responses.
• Stimulate uterine contractions.

*Natural Labor Induction noteEvery mother is different and their bodies will respond in differently. Like anything in life there is no guarantee labor will begin immediately upon receiving the treatment. Some women will respond immediately while others will experience the labor signs within 1 to 4 days, results may vary. If you are looking to deliver prior a scheduled medical induction, please schedule at least 4 days prior to that induction date. 


This beautiful massage is the perfect experience for moms who would like to begin their laboring process naturally, without medical assistance. During this soothing massage we combine an ultra relaxing massage with gentle stimulation of acupressure points to trigger you into labor.

Daddy's Are Welcome

You both made this baby with love. We welcome dad to be a part of bringing your special little one into the world. He can actually participate in your session. We will teach dad a few techniques so he can assist in keeping things moving back at home. Its a beautiful bonding experience that we know you both will love.