Momma Knows Best

Here are some of the testimonials from some of our incredible moms!

Nacaria B. -Omg this experience was absolutely wonderful. it was extremely relaxing and it literally put me to sleep! I like how she customizes the experience to each mothers needs and after each massage she gives you 15 minutes to sleep and relax. can you say pure heaven? I really felt special! I highly recommend!

Tiffany J.- This is the perfect place to go when you start feeling the weight of your pregnancy getting the best of you. You can go there to check out for a moment, while being relieved from the stress of the world. I’ve gone multiple times and every time I left, I felt like a new person. I’d definitely recommend this to all my pregnant friends and new moms!

Stacia E.- After having a baby, I enjoyed the care and massage from The Blissful Womb. It was truly amazing. My body needed the relaxation and massage from The Blissful Womb. I bought an entire package to ensure I receive the care again!

Isabella G. – I had been having contractions all morning before our appointment. They were inconsistent but they weren’t stopping, just getting further apart and closer together again and again. I told my therapist this at our appointment and she offered to do some induction massage and technique to help things move along. Well it worked! I left my appointment and went into active labor later that night! My baby was born early the next morning.

I feel like she really helped me. My labor sped up and I was relaxed for the rest of the day and when the time came to have my baby. My muscle were less tense when I had the baby and I think this may have made my labor a little easier too. I would definitely recommend you schedule an appointment with The Blissful Womb if you’re looking for some pain relief, relaxation, labor induction, or all of the above!! They are great at what they do!


Katie S. -I was pretty skeptical of The Blissful Womb’s services at first. But my feet and ankles (at 39 weeks) were very swollen, and I needed some relief. The day after my massage my swelling was almost back to pre-pregnancy. I was amazed and relieved! So when labor wasn’t progressing after a full day of contractions, I scheduled an induction massage. My contractions immediately picked up and I went to the hospital that night. I’m just beginning my post partum series and have complete confidence that I will get great results. I highly recommend!

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