Enhanced Experiences

Our Enhancements

Aroma Therapy

Aromatherapy is the perfect way to elevate any Blissful Womb experience.  Specific pregnancy safe aroma therapeutic oils are used with a full body massage designed to calm and balance the mind and body. 


Parrafin Hand or Foot Treatment

If you are beginning to experience rough, dry skin this treatment is perfect for you! Our Eco-Fin natural petroleum free  hand or foot treatment is used to soften, moisturize and soothe skin on the hands and feet  as well as help temporarily relieve aching joints and increase circulation, which gives your hands or feet a more youthful appearance. 


Hair Renewal & Head Massage

Some women may experience hair thinning and shedding due to hormone fluctuation during pregnancy. This condition is called telogen effluvium, and it affects a  number of women . This scalp treatment and head massage not only helps to relax mom but also assists in stimulating hair follicles to improve hair growth. 


Heat & Percussion

This heated massage enhancement focuses on pain relief. Tight neck, shoulders and backs will release tension within mins of incorporating this deep focus treatment  The heat interacts with blood vessels to increase circulation and promotes faster healing, and the heated sensation works just as well for relaxation.


Hot Stone

Hot stone massage incorporates heated basalt stones to warm up and sooth tight, aching muscles and problem areas to alleviate tension and stress. 




Nap Time

The most luxurious gift a pregnant or new mom could get! Stay on the table with soothing music and candle light surrounding you and take a much needed nap after a relaxing massage. Incorporate your 30 min extended nap time to any Blissful Haven experience.



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