The Day Of Delivery

Preparing for birth involves activating and engaging both the body and the mind, often through massage can help increase bodily awareness, release critical birthing muscles, improve control of muscular tension, and assist with mental relaxation during labor. Our therapist can provide this unique prenatal massage to assisting in providing additional physical and  emotional support for the mother to be.

Benefits of Day of Delivery  Massage may include:

  • Decreased pain
  • Reduced labor times
  • Decreased need for medications 
  •  Decreased feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Decreased levels of Cortisol in newborns
  • Increased levels of Serotonin and Dopamine 
  • Increased feelings of calm and  relaxation

Whether you are working with a midwife or doula, are on bed-rest or simply would rather stay at home, our therapists are available to visit you in the comfort and privacy of your home or in your hospital room. 


 Call Us Today For More Information Or To Schedule Your Day of Delivery Massage! 


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